The Travel Hierarchy: A Tool for Destroying Travel

Whether on a trip to another continent or to the next town over, everyone is on their own adventure. Comparing one traveler’s experiences to another’s is comparing apples to oranges. Whether your are journeying to Paris or Pyongyang, what matters most is that you enjoyed yourself.

Yes, these are the fluffy mantras the towering Travel Gods feed to us peasants, but are they true? Probably. Nevertheless, fuck it. Let’s sort travelers into depersonalizing categories.

Travel Heirarchy
Level 1: Not Travel

Wait, you had the chance to go somewhere new, and you chose HERE? Let’s be honest; You didn’t come out here for adventure or insight. You came to relax or party or both. Call it a vacation. Not travel.

Level 2: Basic AF

Well, you might be basic, or you might just be another traveler taking full inventory of a world which includes some basic places. As long as you don’t stop here, no harm done.

Level 3: Tired Classics

Cliche, touristy, and over-done, yes, but these are the classics, so you had to go. You opted for a universal travel experience, and it won’t make you any more interesting, but it will help you relate to others at a party.

Level 4: Trend-Chaser

Ok, you’re still not scoring originality points here, but these places did get trendy for a reason; They are (or were) pretty amazing, but you’re just a bit late. Frankly, you should have got here years ago.

Level 5: Respectable

Alright, so you’re a serious traveler. You looked beyond the most immediate, accessible destinations and ended up here. Nice. Start a travel blog. Or at least update instagram. Good luck to you.

Level 6: Peak Travel

Now, this is some really good stuff. In fact, it doesn’t get better. You’ve won our admiration, but you’re not traveling for us. You’re after adventure and insight, and you’ll find it here.

Level 7: Travel God

Wow, you were really going for the gold trying to hit the most inaccessible spots on the map.You clearly had a lot of guts (and money) to go to these places. Please – write a book! 

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